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Handan Tairong Natural Gas Sales Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Tairong Natural Gas) was founded in 2014. The headquarter is located in the industrial zone of Cheng 'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province, covering an area of 31,000 square meters, with total assets of 320 million yuan and 200 employees.

Tairong Natural Gas is a professional modern gas enterprise which is committed to the synchronous development of natural gas trade, logistics and gas equipment, mainly engaged in the r&d and manufacturing of tank containers and gas equipment. Existing R&D personnel more than 20 people, and with a number of domestic universities, scientific research institutes to establish a good industry-university-research cooperation.

With industry 4.0 as the standard, the company's tank container production line is committed to realizing the combination of information technology and advanced manufacturing in accordance with the National action Program "Made in China 2025", and the deep integration of information technology and industrialization is the development driving force to drive a new round of manufacturing development. The company adopts an intelligent production line for the overall design, the process and layout of the traditional pressure vessel production mode. Adopt assembly line production mode and establish digital model. The whole process of planning, production and operation has been digitally managed.

MES: Manufacturing execution system. The target.

(1) Not in the workshop to control the site situation. Process, parameters, testing, recording, controlled.

(2) Made quality management, problem traceability analysis.

(3) Material loss, compensation tracking, inventory management.

(4) Production arrangement management, reasonable arrangement of work orders.

(5) Customer order tracking calendar, shipment on schedule.

(6) Abnormal production, timely alarm prompt.

(7) Equipment maintenance management, automatic prompt maintenance.

(8) OEE index analysis to improve equipment efficiency.

(9) Automatic data acquisition, real-time accurate and objective.

(10) Report automatically and timely generated, paperless.

(11)Employee production performance appraisal.

(12)Order costing is done quickly.

(13)Detailed cost analysis and budget management.


Main products: tank container (all kinds of gas), high and low pressure air temperature type gassifier, LNG gasification pressure regulating pry, industrial gas gasification pressure regulating device, CNG pressure regulating cabinet, water bath gas auxiliary heater R&D and production and gasification peak regulating station overall construction of gas industry technical services.


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NO.56 Juhou Avenue, Industrial estate Chengan County,Handan City,Hebei Prpvince.