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Name best Supply Chain Management (Chongqing) Co., LTD. ("Name Best") was founded in 2009 by Chongqing Junchao Logistics Co., LTD., mainly engaged in chemical supply chain management scheme design, optimization and implementation.Provide logistics and transportation services for hazardous and general chemical products such as heating, insulation, normal temperature and refrigeration;  The company focuses on packaging and bulk chemicals through road, rail, water and combined transport. It is a comprehensive service provider specializing in third-party chemical, military and pharmaceutical supply chains.

The company has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. At present, it has about 15 affiliated companies,include in Name Best Supply Chain (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Name Best Logistics Co., Ltd..The headquarters is located in  the Creative park of yubei district, known as the A popular scenic spot.

Since in 2017 the company passed the quality management system certification, standardization of production safety "level 3" certification, RSQAS and CRSAS system assessment certification, launched the China Europe international trains and rail transport, temperature control chemicals (general cargo) rial-sea transport, cross-border road transportation projects, such as central Europe in 2018 and become the chongqing logistics association, vice President of units,  TAPA international safety certification is being prepared.

The company has its own more than 70 general cargo commercial vehicles (temperature control containers, tank containers, containers, box truck).

The company has more than 30 dangerous goods commercial vehicles (tank cars, tank containers, temperature-controlled containers and containers).

The company's own Tank container (ISO Tank T11/T14; Temperature control/non-temperature control) nearly 50, lease tank container nearly 500.

Subcontractor cooperative vehicle: more than 200 vehicles.

A Long-term cooperation with social vehicles: more than 700 vehicles.

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A1-3, No. 18-97, food Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing