Tank Container Development Alliance

2024 TCDA Membership Conference 

A conference to discover opportunities in the Asian tank container market!

A conference to discover opportunities in the Asian tank container market!

Since 2014, TCDA has become the recognized corporate services platform for the tank container industry. 

Here, you can share the resources of 150+ member companies! TCDA has planned and organized 14+ events, 14 training camps and 1 membership,conference, bringing more than 

3,000 members to the site with highly aligned channels and values!

After 3 years, TCDA is back with its annual Membership Conference.It is themost professional meeting of minds across the tank industry and the largest conference organization in China and South East Asia.

Conference Info:

  • TOPIC: 2023 VS 2024, Starting from the “New” – 2024 TCDA Membership Conference(NO.2)
  • Date: 14-15 March,2024
  • Format: 3 forums+Tank Manufacture/ Depots visits, 2 days
  • Place: Shanghai,China
  • Conference Scale: 200+people
  • Organizer: TCDA-Tank Container Development Alliance

Conference Background:

1. Annual membership conference: 2023 VS 2024 summary and outlook;

2. With the iterative upgrading of China's chemical industry and the stricter implementation of safety and environmental protection related policies and regulations, China's 

chemical products are gradually changing from low-end primary chemical products to high-end value-added chemical products, and the demand for tank containers is showing a diversified trend;

3. 2023 new crown epidemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict is still widespread and far-reaching impact, and now meet the Israeli-Palestinian conflict new war crisis, chemical and energy trade how to change, whether to drive the related logistics growth, the tank container is facing both the opportunities and challenges;

4. With the continuous expansion of tank application scenarios, the tank operation, tank leasing and ancillary services market will enter a period of high quality development in scale, 

intensification, specialization, intelligence, standardization and informationization, and how the tank service market segments should evolve.

5. The development of new energy (LNG/electrolyte/hydrogen), semiconductors and other high-end new materials for the tank container innovation and R & D provides new opportunities, but also brings challenges.

6.When facing the intensification of regional tank logistics competition, how do we get "new market + new countries + new trends + new tanks = new opportunities"!

Conference highlights:

1.Annual exclusive gathering of TCDA member, gathering tank container industry chain personnel, specially customized communication platform for industry players.

2.The meeting is rich in format/industry attributes, inviting guests from the industry at home and abroad to provide professional sharing/brainstorming on topics related to: chemical 

supply chain development trend, tank application scenario trend, current industry issues, industry standardization and so on.

3.Focusing on the theme of "Starting from New", we will discover "new friends/new cooperation/new technology/new application/new field" together with you, about Tank, new 


4. The platform creates its own "Tank Roadbook" on-site version, and specially invites representatives of excellent tank enterprises from Russia and Southeast Asian countries to attend the special forum to share the opportunities 

and challenges of tanks in their countries!

Review of TCDA previous conference:

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Sam (Oversea Mananger), Email: Sam.guo@isotank.cn

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