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2月 19
Boasso Global and Quala set to merge

Boasso Global and Quala are to merge their businesses t […]

2月 19
VTG to discontinue tank container logistics activities

VTG is terminating its tank container transport and log […]

2月 05
Bertschi is growing and continuing to invest in sustainable chemical logistics

The Bertschi Group is opening a chemical logistics cent […]

2月 02
Legend New Depot in kandla opening in Jan 2023

Legend Group is proud to expand our footprint in India […]

2月 01
Another 500 new tank containers Van den Bosch invests in deep-sea activities

Leschaco is planning to add to its growing chemical warehouse network with a new…

1月 30
Leschaco: The middle way

Leschaco is planning to add to its growing chemical war […]

1月 27
Bertschi:2022 The Annual Staff Meeting took place

The Annual Bertschi Staff Meeting took place this Janua […]

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