TCDA Membership Conference 2024 03-14/15

This year’s conference focuses on “the latest development and outlook of the big chemical industry and shipping”, “the latest tank industry policies, application interpretation & dialogue between main tank operators”, “innovative technology, channels and services in the tank industry ” and other key agenda. “”Southeast Asia Tank Depot Service Provider Dialogue” and other key agendas, TCDA platform invites industry leaders to carry out two days of exciting sharing and dialogue.



Walker Ye (TCDA CEO) &  Zhijun Ji (Guard GM)

Sharing Guests

Guests on-site sharing

Brainstorming Workshop

We have specially designed and organised 2 Workshops in this conference, focusing on the 2 themes of ” Tank Market Dynamics and Sustainable Development, Differences and Trends in Southeast Asian Tank Yard Services “, inviting industry CEO & Southeast Asian tank depots managers to do a group discussion, the guests expressed their views and freely shared their views on the current hot topics. 

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