About TCDA

TCDA platform was established in August 2014. It is aimed to provide a “New platform ” service for Iso tank industry.

The purpose of the platform is to build a business and social platform for enterprises and practitioners in Iso tank industry to communicate well, to help them get more opportunities for communication and business opportunities, so as to find strategic partners with the same aspirations.

So far, the platform has more than 160+ members, covering tank manufacturers, leasing, operators, depots, surveyor and other fields, and It is the largest Iso tank industry service platform in China! 

From 2020, we started to expand our international membership and do more “tank link” services! In order to let more enterprises of iso tank industry connect their superior products and services to the target customers quickly through the online and offline way of TCDA platform, forming the most extensive, effective and accurate connection. 

We will regularly organize members to carry out all kinds of online and offline advanced and professional business events, training and membership conference etc.

Value Of Platform

The TCDA operation team has built the platform service of iso tank industry through unique operation system and channels with the understanding of tank industry and membership‘ s needs. As one of the business sections of TCDA, it is committed to solving the problems of brand promotion and product operation of the iso tank industry and directly solving the three business operation problems of member enterprises:

Contact Us

Sam Guo(Operation Manager)

Tel :18957464127

E-mail :sam.guo@isotank.cn

TCDA: you can find:

  1. Membership Services: Industry products and services Search Engine
  2. Offline Event: make friends with partners in the circle and share tank operation experience with each other
  3. Training Camp: Industrial talent training plan
  4. Membership Annual Conference etc.

TCDA Contact: support@isotank.cn