Company Profile

Shanghai Shengyi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. provides users with a variety of lifting machinery accessories, and undertakes a variety of non-standard design, production, installation, acceptance and maintenance one-stop services.

Main products:

Single and double girder, overhead, gantry
Rail-mounted container gantry crane 10.5T-40.5T
European-style single and double girder, bridge,
gantry crane 0.5T-500T
All kinds of jib cranes (0.25-5T), JPK chain hoist
CD, MD, BCD explosion-proof, electric hoist 0.25T-32T

Time Of Establishment


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    ZhiKuan Li
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    No. 40
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No. 40, Gong Dong House, Panchuan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

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