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Shenyang Tonghai Logistics Co., Ltd. was established on June 5, 2013 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Specializing in bulk chemical road transport and multimodal transport, after 10 years of chemical transport services, has accumulated a wealth of operational experience. "Standardized management, first-class service" is the company firmly follow the business philosophy.


The company's business scope: dangerous goods license is: Class 3, Class 8, Class 6, class 1, Class 9, hazardous waste, general goods license is: general freight, special transportation for freight (container).


The company has passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, and obtained the second-level evaluation of safety production standardization of transportation enterprises and CRSAS evaluation, report number: 20230017.


The company's current equipment situation: more than 60 self-owned vehicles, 10 cooperative teams, can deploy more than 150 vehicles. There are 120 self-owned tanks. Includes: 26 cubic ISO TANK and 32 cubic, 35 cubic and 37 cubic Swapbody tank. At the same time, it maintains stable cooperative relations with a number of tankers.


In order to facilitate customer service, the company has a tank storage yard in Shanghai, responsible for the inspection, nitrogen filling, maintenance, regular inspection of its own tanks.


The company continues to strengthen security and digital construction, all vehicles 24 hours a day GPS tracking service to ensure the safe delivery of customer goods. The application of micro card, TMS Pinyi intelligent link and tank intelligent system has greatly improved the management level of the company.


Shenyang Tonghai Logistics hopes to become your most trusted partner.


Service Items:

• Road transport of dangerous chemicals in bulk

• Road transport of general chemicals in bulk

• Waterway multimodal transport of TK boxes

• Liquid bags, barrels water multimodal transport

• Hazardous chemical transportation qualification

(Category 3, 6.1, 8, 9, Hazardous waste)

• Dedicated transport of goods (container)

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    Wang Jing
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    Liaozhong Offshore Economic Zone
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    024-25310739 / 15304011977
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Liaozhong Offshore Economic Zone, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

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